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Zamzom Wireless is a nice monitoring program that works in wireless networks
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Zamzom Wireless is a software tool developed by Zamzom. Its purpose is to scan any wireless network, searching for all other computers connected to it. This free tool is especially useful if you suspect that someone else is using your wireless network without your permission.

After a quick download and install, a very red, but very intuitive interface appears. From here, you can do a quick search –a real quick one! – that detects all IPs and MAC addresses attached to your network. Furthermore, a deeper search can provide you with the computer names of all the devices that are using the network at a given time.

This application also allows you to change a range of IPs, and to make the search scope wider or narrower. The main problem with Zamzom Wireless might be its compatibility with operating systems, as it currently works only on Vista (though it can detect computers running under other operating systems). But if you have Vista, its quick searching functionality and its high-end performance make this tool a great security application worth having on your computer.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Free
  • Quick searching functionality
  • Nice interface


  • Works only on Vista
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